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Laptop refreshment


I recently bought a refurbished thinkpad x260. If you have read my post of my previous laptop. Its a big jump from 1 gen Intel processors to 6th Gen.

I really love my old laptop. Infact I am actually writing this from my old laptop. Its ok for my day to day task. But its not convienant to carry around when I am travelling.

I’ve been thinking about a lot of buying a new machine. I decided to get a thinkpad. But I never arrived on which model. I was planned for taking a But should I go again to old model. Then

Deciding to Pick x260 took around an evening. I have bugged a lot of my friends taking thinkpad.

And finally its done.

It came with 320GB SATA HDD, 4 GB memory, Intel i5 6000 , 6th gen proc. I have a 120 ssd lying around. so I cloned from my current machine. It was a minimal install of things and custom arrangements so Its pain to duplicate again a lot. So cloing is done.

This resulotion is 1920*x , the scaling seems very small for me with 12 inch. So I decided to adjust it. I was using libinput drivers for the trackpad. But It was horrible for thinkpad trackpad. So I decided to move back to synaptics.